Our Servcies

HomeBusiness Websites® builds and maintains websites. Tasks we are usually asked to do would be to add blogs, audio, video, autoresponders, shopping carts, new designs, convert documents for websites, add forms, scripts, setup hosting accounts, transfer domain names, fix technical problems, custom scripting, databases, replace and add content, setup new sales pages, move or redirect websites, test and fix sites after server upgrades, and sometimes manage third party applications for clients who feel it is too technical work for them.

Our team

Steve MacLellan — business owner

sm-steve.jpg 65x65Steve is the owner/operator of HomeBusiness Websites. He has over twelve years experiences working with a wide variety of web technologies, programming languages, and applications. He will be consulting with you. Have a project? Email him. Have a question? Call him.

Roshan Ravi — designer

sm-roshan.jpg 65x65Roshan is the newest member of the team. He will be doing a lot of the design and graphic work. He is experienced in design, graphic design, User Interface Design, WordPress Themes, Magento Commerce Themes and other CMS Themes. He also has an incredible working knowledge of XHTML, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), W3C Standards, WordPress, Photoshop, Coda, CSSEdit, Dreamweaver, PHP & MySQL, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape.

Click here to see four templates designed by him. Roshan is also the designer of the template being used on this website.

Marcel Preda — programmer

sm-marcel.jpg 65x65Marcel and I have worked together since 2005. He's an extraordinary programmer who "gets marketing" and never wastes a single minute. He is experienced in Perl, Php/ MySQL, HTML, Css, Python, JavaScript, PHP4/5, Java, ANSI SQL, Shell scripting(bash/tcsh), C/C++.

Glenn Freeman — programmer

sm-glenn.jpg 65x65Glenn and I have worked together since the dot com bubble burst in 2001. He's been in the IT field for about 14 years and designing and building websites for over 10. Most of the work he does is on the Microsoft platforms; ASP, and Dot Net. He's also very well versed in HTML, javascript, and CSS. He understands the need for precise, compliant, coding that is cross-browser friendly. The two main CMS frameworks that he uses are DotNetNuke and Silverstripe.

Doug Rector — welder

sm-doug.jpg 65x65Doug is the millwright, machinist and welder. We haven't found a whole lot of use for him IN the website business, but he sure has been handy OUTSIDE the business. So, he gets honorable mention ;-)

How the process works

You contact Steve MacLellan and offer a description of what you are looking for. Please email any online examples, such as urls, you may be referencing in your call. Once a course of action is determined, we will look after the project from start to finish. Invoices from HomeBusiness Websites work are sent out on the last day of every month. You will receive these by email as a pdf attachment to an email message.

Payment methods

Payment is due when you receive your invoice. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, HomeBusiness Websites merchant account is set up to accept Visa and Mastercard only. If you would prefer to pay by check, or PayPal — that's fine too.